Marriage Traditions in Bali

Those who need to marry in Bali have to understand a number of international dating for chinese the wedding traditions in Bali. The ceremony is a unique one that entails both the bride and groom. These types of traditions are part of Hindu culture in Bali.

The wedding ritual consists of 3 days of seclusion where the bride and groom stay at their particular respective homes. They greatly some societal activities. In addition they buy and sell items to each other. They give each other with food and drinks, which will symbolize their determination to each other.

The next day, the bride and groom will be joined by the family. The groom’s is accompanied by the bride’s friends and family, as well as bearers of gifts and offerings.

The feast day is performed by a priest, who all presides within the ceremony. He will give the few dewasa, a series of successive blessings. Cukup umur include mererasan, pangenten and pawiwahan.

The ritual starts with pleading blessing from Our god Almighty. The priest uses specially prepared dried out leaves, which he sprinkles onto the couple. This ritual also includes in the bride with natural remedies, which will also help make the star of the event for married life.

The ceremony also includes the exchange of flower showers, which usually symbolizes the newest life to come. The couple also exchanges a wedding kiss. The couple is then carried back to the groom’s residence in a litter.

The last area of the purification practice involves the couple water from a brand new coconut. The bride and groom consequently feed each other with green rice, which will symbolizes wealth.

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