The Journey to Financial Freedom

They can’t easily be changed, but logging them does give you a clearer sense of what you can afford to save and how much money you need to survive each month. These are the ones that change every month (e.g. groceries, services, food, and healthcare items), and the ones you have the most control over. As such, logging them can give you great ideas for specific changes. If you see something wrong with your credit report, file a dispute and include the relevant documents. Your claim should be investigated within a month, and you’ll get the details of the result as well as a new copy of your report if it has changed. Set the stage for success by creating a spot in your home that’s dedicated to doing productive financial work.

  • Financial abundance requires creativity, and so does anything else worth achieving in life.
  • When you are in alignment, you are in an allowing mode and money can flow more easily and abundantly to you.
  • A financial Affirmation is an affirmation deliberated crafted to bring intentional and positive financial changes into your life.
  • They have the skills and ability to solve that challenge should it arrive.

You’ve eliminated all of that damn debt. Freedom from the confinement of debt is a phenomenal feeling. Knowing where your money is going will lead you to be more mindful about your spending. Consciously decide if you should purchase something and make sure you’re getting an item for a great price.

Day 2- Creating income continued

You might believe that there isn’t enough money to go around, or that you have to work extra hard for every penny you earn. You can’t really put a price on the ability to manifest as much money as you desire. But for an extremely small investment now, you’ll unlock an abundant future of your wildest dreams. When you’ve cleared out your subconscious money blocks and you’re ready to receive, then it’s time to ask the Universe for your riches! In this Workout, we tie everything together as you set intentions for your financial destiny.

Don’t let your attitude to your finances stagnate. Instead, make a habit of looking over your budgets, your spending patterns, your savings account, and how you feel about finances more broadly. Recite a positive financial abundance script or affirmation . It’s in your subconscious where the limiting, out-date beliefs around money are stored.

Learning is one of the keys to gaining professional and financial success. You must allocate at least 10% of your income to educating yourself. The most important thing you can do to get financial abundance is to equip yourself with a particular set of skills that you can use in your career or business. Remember that this just serves as a guide for you to achieve financial abundance. How you budget your money depends entirely on you.


This energetic movement is directly linked to the types of things you manifest or don’t manifest into your life. When you take actions from an inspired expanded heart, you send out positive expansive energy which magnetizes even more of what you desire. So today, take a moment to tune into your heart and find out what it is really excited and inspired to do! Start with that first action step that truly inspire s you , and then add on another one. You will soon see an inspired momentum of energy take over you which will catapult you forwarded into the financial abundance you are seeking.

Have a library day

Sign up for Rakuten here and start saving money today. Do the simple things before you spend money. Make the most of them so you are fresh when it’s time to get to work. Because we live in a society where having money is often demonized. I suggest you eliminate any negative thoughts about money. Without a positive attitude, your ways to find abundance will be greatly diminished.

In order to achieve a life of financial abundance, there is the need to budget your finances well. Here are 17 money affirmations you can use to shift your mindset and set your thoughts towards improving your financial health. Take time to celebrate all you’ve achieved so far on your path to abundance! You’ve faced a lot of challenges, but the payoff will be well worth it .

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